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Goat Protein Bread + Almond Butter = Sandwiches

Goat Protein Bread + Almond Butter = Sandwiches

Had this on the plane on my way to Stockholm alongside some protein brownies. It was great to whip this out next people eating their what-is-THAT’s. Though, let’s be honest, what is THIS? It was an experiment. It’s Goat protein bread (‘goat bread’?)


15g goat whey protein
10g pea protein
2g wheat bran
100g egg whites
baking powder


1. I baked it and cut it up.

2. Filled it up with almond butter but I think this would have been even better with ham and cheese, you know, with a more ‘traditional’ filling because the bread has this goat-cheesy thing to it, yum.

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

29g protein
6g carb (out of which 1g is fiber)
1.5g fat

The sandwiches end up little, sure, but don’t let size fool ya because they pack a punch! On the whole, it was a good experiment. I think it could have done with more moistness, maybe some butter beans. Either way, I’m starting to get a better feel for this goat whey protein… it’s certainly interesting and in savory stuff goes a long way!

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