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Protein Tortilla Chips with Spicy Salmon Dip

Ingredients for dip:

diced onions
diced bell peppers
100g 0% Greek Yogurt
tomato flakes
chile powder
dried coriander
10g mayonnaise
60g smoked salmon
1 can sardines


1. I added thiiiiiiiinly diced onions, thiiiiiiinly diced bell peppers, thiiiiiiiinly diced carrots and thiiiiiinly diced garlic to 100g of 0% Greek Yogurt.

2. Added some tomato flakes, chile powder, dried coriander and chipotle seasoning as well as 10g of mayonnaise (I use the gluten-free kind but whatever will do).

3. Then, threw in 60g of smoked salmon (not the slices but the wood-smoked ‘flakeable’ kind) (I reckon one could use canned salmon too though) and a can of sardines (some may choose to not add the sardines (there’s a lot of sardine-haters out there)).

4. Mixed it all together and… Finito! Topped it with parsley and scooped it with the tortilla chips

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

40g protein
23.1g carbs (5g fiber)
18.7g fat


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