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Mushroom Protein Patties With Chicken


250g mushrooms
100g cooked chicken breast
106g liquid egg whites
coconut milk
20g pea protein
10g mustard
12g coconut flour


1. Got back from the gym. Hungry. Opened the fridge and amongst other things, I spotted a mount of mushrooms. They were looking kind of hum-hum so I checked the ‘use by’ date. Yesterday. Took them out.

What else? There’s 100g of cooked chicken breast from last night. Out it comes.

2. I sliced and fried up all 250g of mushrooms on a nonstick with coconut oil. What to do with them? Err… Protein mushroom patties, of course 😉 So I mixed 106g of liquid egg whites + coconut milk + 20g pea protein + 10g of mustard + 12g of coconut flour.

I tried it and realized it’s one hell of a delicious mixture, could have eaten it all just like that. But no: the chicken.

3. When the mushrooms were ready, I mixed half of them with the above mixture and fried them all up into ‘patties.’ I then mixed the cooked chicken with mayo, more mustard, and chipotle powder. Boom, c’est tout 😀

Macros per Serving (out of 1 w/o chicken):

31g protein
7.5g carbs (3g sugar, 4.8g fiber)
4.2g fat 

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