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120g egg whites
1 whole egg
22g brown rice protein
24g chickpea flour
11g golden linseeds
37g coconut flour
caraway seeds
sea salt
(you could add sundried tomatoes too, or berries, or mmm, whatever you like really)
Baking powder


1. Mixed it more or less until it was all mixed. I say ‘more of less’ because, as you can see from the pic, some of my coconut flour didn’t mix and ended up clustering (on purpose because I find it kind of nice to have pockets of concentrated coconut hehe.

2. Stick it in the oven medium heat: bam! It was great because it wasn’t crumble at all so I sliced it horizontally and out came 5 nice slices!

3. The mixture, at this stage will look kind of pancake-batterish. Add your linseeds aka flaxseed whole and a bit more coconut flour than you did brown rice protein, say 1/3 cup until it looks considerably thicker and kind of sticky. That’s it. Stick it in the oven. Couldn’t be easier, really.

Macros per Loaf:

47g protein
29g carb (21.2g fiber)
15.5g fat (7g sat)

per slice
9.4g protein
5.8g carb (4.24g fiber)
3.1g fat 

Now, I know some people have been saying I should maybe get some measuring cups and other non-gram measuring-ware BUT really, you can do this by eye too seriously, think of it this way: Add what to eye looks like half a cup of liquid egg whites, to that add an egg and what appears to be 1/4 cup of brown rice protein and a similar-ish amount of chickpea flour.

(It’s also amazing toasted!)

*Whatever size of bread tin you use, remember to make sure the mixture is high when placed in the tin because the bread doesn’t rise so you want to make sure that, even if you’re using a bigger baking tin, you squeeze all the batter on one side so it’s all nice and high.

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