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Glutamine & Weight Loss

Glutamine & Weight Loss

Glutamine has been investigated largely for the role it plays in immune system health, muscle recovery and revival and the overall health of the body. However, more recently Glutamine is also thought to play an important role in fat burning and weight loss. While glutamine does a lot to improve and repair multiple systems within the body, a consequence of all this action is often weight loss, making glutamine an all round supplement for individuals trying to lose weight.

How Glutamine Aids Weight Loss

Glutamine has been found to be an excellent supplement for those looking to lower their body fat percentage and keep muscle mass at the same time. This is because not only does glutamine help to regulate blood sugar levels and therefore help you when dieting, but also it can help promote muscle development and prevent muscle breakdown. This is the main reason most bodybuilders will supplement their diets with glutamine when ‘cutting’ for a competition since it enables them to reach very low body fat levels whilst at the same time maintaining the muscle mass they’ve built ‘off season’.

Indirect Ways Glutamine Assist Weight Loss

Any cell that is not functioning at its optimal level is not conducive to burning fat and improving body composition. As we know glutamine plays numerous important roles in counteracting the stresses of exercise and protecting the immune system, glutamine therefore also plays an indirect role in supporting fat loss. After strenuous exercise, lactic acid builds up in the muscle tissue which produces the soreness and burning feeling in the worked muscles for days after the workout. Glutamine helps to counteract this cellular acidity and prevents the accumulation of ammonia in the blood by drawing water into the tissue to literally dilute and flush out the acid and ammonia.

The stresses of exercise can also lead to the increased secretion of cortisol, a hormone the body uses to prepare for stressful situations. Cortisol can lead to muscle loss and weight gain, the body’s natural defence towards stress. Glutamine works to counteract the effects of stress and the subsequent cortisol production, resulting in decreased fat storage. Coupled with the increased cellular activity and the potential for more regular exercise, this decreased fat storage results in more fat being burned, often producing noticeable weight loss when joined with a calorie controlled diet.

Glutamine for Weight Loss: Conclusion

Glutamine plays numerous direct and indirect biological roles which may be beneficial for anyone looking to lose weight or lower their body fat levels. Supplementing with glutamine powder can therefore be crucial for making the body composition changes you want.

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