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Protein Works DIY Protein Bars

Top 3 Reasons To Make Your Own Protein Bars

If you’re into healthy snacking and incorporating protein in your diet for health and satiety purposes, you need to make your own bars.

Three reasons:


When you make your own bars, you have control over what goes in them! No endless list of ingredients. No junk like corn, wheat protein, palm oil, etc. No glycerine, vegetable fats, gums, artificial flavors, etc.


Homemade protein bars are freshly-made, always!

3. PERFECTION (to you)

When you make your own bars, you can tweak their ingredients to match your taste and dietary preferences, your macros, and your appetite. Say you love all chocolate things (like I do!), then add a ton of cocoa to your bars! Like the orange + chocolate combo? Make some chocolate bars and grate a bit of an orange into your batter. Want lower/carb bars? Use a natural low-carb sweetener. Want them lower in fat? Ditch the nut butters and chocolate coating. Want a smaller snack? Make small bars! Want your bars to be vegan? Use a vegan protein powder! Want to be 100% certain that your bars are gluten-free? Use only certified gluten-free ingredients. The sky’s the limit to what you can do. And your bars will always be so much tastier! No hardness or difficult-to-chew textures. Pure individualized protein bar perfection, every time.


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2 Replies to “Top 3 Reasons To Make Your Own Protein Bars”

  1. Just made the whey, almond butter and honey bars (topped with melted dark chocolate) – easily the best protein bar I’ve tasted ! I will never buy a factory made one again.