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How To Use Glutamine

You may be wondering what Glutamine is. You may have heard somebody mention it at your local gym or read it on the back of your protein supplement. But your not quite sure what it actually is? Then knowing exactly how do you use it effectively. Here we will talk about the basic principles of effective use a glutamine supplement.

How to Use Glutamine Effectively

Firstly lets understand exactly what glutamine is and how it plays a role within our bodies. Glutamine is the most common amino acid in the body. Intense training can cause glutamine levels to reduce quite significantly. When glutamine levels are heavily deplated, this can have a knock on effect with your strength, stamina and your recovery times. It can take a number of days for these Glutamine levels to normalize within your body.

Best Way to Restore Glutamine Levels

I know what you are thinking now – that doesn’t sound very good. How can you quickly replace the glutamine levels? This is probably where you have over heard people in the gym mention glutamine or read on the back of your protein containers. You can easily supplement with free form glutamine powder by adding glutamine into a small glass of water, fruit juice, cordial or simply into your usual protein shake and swilling it down. Studies have shown that supplementing with glutamine can minimize the breakdown of muscles and improve protein metabolism, which is key as glutamine plays a key role in protein synthesis.

You may have heard the expression before “the anabolic window” when it comes to post workout nutrition? Well, this would be an ideal time to get your glutamine in – easily and in bioavailable form as pure glutamine powder. When buying a protein powder, one thing to look out for in a quality powder if recovery is a priority, is that it contains healthy dosage of glutamine in it. Another possible time to supplement with glutamine powder would be first thing in the morning – another high absorption window because of the time you have been “fasting” whilst sleeping overnight.

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