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Froso’s Protein Scones

ABCPWH Nut Butter -> GREAT! Roasted the nuts (the whole bag of nuts from Waitrose) and blended them with some hemp oil – delicious. The scone? It needs work – still too thick.


Pea protein
Coconut flour
Egg white powder (can be subbed with whey protein)
Baking powder
Rice flour


Blend everything and bake.

Macros per Serving: N/A


The result points towards a need to cut back on pea protein, add something lighter. Coconut flour won’t work, I don’t think.

Was going to add whey but thought hmm but now I’m thinking it may work in there? Has anyone tried this?Might have to resort to buckwheat though. Also, I think it’s crucial to use real butter to make scones work.

Anyways with bananas and the nut butter it was yummy but still more like a savory bread than a scone scone?

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