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High Protein Banana Mascarpone Pancake

High Protein Banana Mascarpone Pancake

Now this recipe is something special! You may think that you’ve tried every protein pancake recipe under the sun, well think again!

Think of a mascarpone-protein-mousse and then imagine combining it with a banana…

The result? This utterly sumptuous high protein Banana Mascarpone Pancake!


30 grams egg white powder
26 grams mascarpone
1 scoop of vanilla whey protein powder
1 banana


Whip the eggs to ‘stiff peaks’ and fold in creamed-up mascarpone, whey and the banana mixed too.

Fry the whole mixture in a non-stick pan and then, as always, top with cinnamon! 

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

52.2g protein
35.1 carbs
14.5 fat


You can top this with anything really – fruit, jam, nut-butter, honey, you could even turn this into a huge stack! You could add a layer of thick chocolate whey filling, another layer of pancake, another of filling, another of pancake… and so on!

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2 Replies to “High Protein Banana Mascarpone Pancake”

  1. Mascarpone is a soft italian “cheese.” I say “cheese” because it’s actually “made from crème fraîche denatured with tartaric acid.” It’s the main component of Tiramisu. I find it really nice, kind of like ricotta but maybe thicker, heavier and milder in taste. It tastes more like cream than cheese actually and lends a nice creamy texture to foods – a little bit goes a long way!