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Diet Whey Vs Whey Protein

Diet Whey Vs Whey Protein

From the Archive of our old Forum RM Asked:

Could someone please tell me the difference between diet whey isolate 97 and whey protein 90 (isolate)?
Ideally, I’d like nice, thick thighs so need to build quads and hamstrings. I’m currenrly using the diet whey 97, I can see fat loss and more toned thighs but I want to build them a little more and see a lot more definition!
Any tips would help!


One of our TPW Ninjas Answered:

Hey RM! Yes this is relatively easy to explain – in it’s simplest terms, the numbers represent protein content (%).

97 goes through two processes known as microfiltration and ultrafiltration leaving a mega pure form of whey protein that’s had its lactose, carbohydrates, calories and casein removed. While this is fantastic for anyone hunting fat loss, it is typically more expensive due to the additional manufacturing processes it undergoes.

Whey 80 or 90 have fractionally higher carbs and fats (though nothing to worry about!) so may be a slightly better choice if you now want to push on towards lean muscle growth and definition 🙂




Thanks for the explanation. I’m in a similar situation as Jodie. I just came back from 5 weeks no training and very very little food, with 9kg weight loss but an increase in body fat percentage from 22% to 26% (muscle loss mostly).

Back training and I want to reduce fat and help my so many kg of muscles to come back and progress from that..

Before doing any major research I bought the 1kg Diet 97 and the 500g concentrate 80… which would you guys recommend to use when i wake up, pre/post workout, before sleeping or in between meals? And then when it’s over I’ll go for something different if I have to.


One of our TPW Ninjas Answered:


Either are effective – to helping hit your protein requirements – obviously the diet has a higher protein per serving and lower calories – so realistically whey 80 with the added calories would be the better early morning and post workout shake.

Realistically it’s best to use a shake we’ve formulated specifically for each time:

Breakfast Protein Shake 

Pre Workout Protein Shakes

Post Workout Protein Shakes

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