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Dark Chocolate Protein Sandwich Bites

Dark Chocolate Protein Sandwich Bites

We’ve shown you how to make Protein Bread before (click the link if you’ve never made it, it’s a must try!) and this article is an example of all the exciting stuff you can do with protein bread  and illustrate how, when you get an urge to have some chocolate, you can go ahead and take care of it in a delicious and totally nourishing way. 

Lets get in to it:


Protein bread
100% dark chocolate
Pumpkin seed butter
Maple Syrup Zero Syrups


1. Make protein bread and cut two thin slices (about half an inch each).

2. Then heat up a pan and place the bread on it.

3. On the bread, put a square of 100% dark chocolate, a teaspoon of pumpkin seed butter, and sprinkle the whole thing with some Zero Syrups.

4. Sandwich the whole thing, cook one side (on a low heat), flip it, and cook the other.

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

8g protein
9g carbs
8g fat
3.5g fibre


The result was this gorgeous crunchy ultra-dark chocolate sandwich which will almost guarantee to satisfy your craving for chocolate!  

Cool, isn’t it? Because, in addition to being sugar-free and packed with antioxidant and nutritional goodness from the intense delicious dark chocolate and pumpkin seeds – it has great macros.

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