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Cookie Dough Protein Bars (gluten-free)

Cookie Dough Protein Bars Recipe

This recipe is the same one I used to make the filling of my Easter Protein Ducks! I’ve copied the link to those below. To make these bars, all you need are five minutes and a handful of extremely healthy ingredients.

I’ve made a lot of Cookie DougIMG_6699h Protein Bars in my time but honestly, these are the best, by FAR.

Best ingredients, no junk, free of artificial flavors and sweeteners, best texture, and the flavor!!!! The flavor.

I’m having a bar as I type this (evidence to the left here) and ufffff…. Make them and you’ll see what I mean. They’re a fabulous snack to power up the morning! And a great pre-workout treat featuring nothing but nutrition-packed ingredients. Check this out:



1/4 cup ground gluten-free oats (or oat flour)
1/4 cup whey protein
2 big tbsps (9g-10g) coconut flour
6 tbsp (96g) smooth almond  butter
4 tbsp (around 64ml) almond milk
1/2 cup tbsp (64g) ground almonds
Stevia drops to taste


1. Get a bowl out and mix all your ingredients together using a spoon and/or your hands until you get a dough. If it’s too wet, add a bit more of the coconut flour or oats. If it’s too dry, use a bit more of the milk.

3. Taste this dough to ensure it’s sweet enough for ya. As I said yesterday though, try not to eat it all! Remember you’re making bars here, hehe.

4. Press your dough onto a brownie tray until your dough is evenly flattened out. I recommend you use a silicone brownie tray so that the bars don’t stick to the tray when you take them off (you can also use the brownie tray to make protein brownies too! So win win?). Leave the dough in the fridge for 30-60 minutes.

5. Slice your cookie dough into bars and POW! You’re done.

Note: I used pieces from my Easter Egg as my ‘chocolate chips’ in these bars! But you don’t have to use chocolate chips if you don’t want to. You can skip them or you can add chopped nuts instead. Or dried berries?

PS: As you may have noticed, these bars contain a bunch of almonds. Almonds are not only delicious, they’re also PACKED full of goodness! Check out this article outlining the health benefits of almonds. Pretty awesome, ey?

Cookie Dough Protein Pow Bars Recipe

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