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Protein Pow Easter Egg and Ducks

Protein Pow Easter Egg and Ducks


Last Easter, I made a massive chocolate egg and filled it with Protein Pow ducks!!! I cracked the whole thing this morning and mmm, they’re so fun to eat! And so tasty. Packed full of antioxidants, without added sugar, containing protein, and fiber too! Lots of almonds as well. What’s not to love?

The idea for this came to me after accidentally buying the wrong Easter chocolate mold. I meant to buy a mini egg one but instead, I bought a mold to make… ducks.

Now, here’s the thing: making homemade chocolate is SO EASY. All you need to make cool chocolate shapes with delicious (and healthy!) fillings is get your hands on a chocolate mold. Amazon stocks pretty much any shape you can imagine! You want to make a giant brain shaped chocolate? Batman shaped ones? BOOM. Easter-themed chocolates? No problemo just type ‘Easter chocolate mold’ and a ton of different ones will appear.

That’s how this recipe was born. I used an Easter Egg mold I had from a few years ago and the small silicone duck chocolate mold I got last week. I then melted a bunch of chocolate and made THE world’s most delicious Protein Pow Cookie Dough filling. Guys.

Protein Pow Mix Chocolates

PROTEIN CHOCOLATEThis filling… it’s like… a cross between marzipan and the best cookie dough you’ve ever had. All completely sugar-free! Let me give you the recipe for that first and then go into the actual shaping of the ducks and egg. I’ll give you a couple of variations so you can make this without the molds too (because I understand we can’t all go out and get a mold for all occassions).

5 Ingredient Protein Pow Almond Cookie Dough

1 tbsp whey protein + 1 tbsp ground almonds
1 heaping tbsp (24g) almond  butter
1 tbsp DARK CHOCOLATE EASTER EGG PROTEIN(around 16ml) almond milk
2 tbsp (16g) ground almonds
Stevia drops to taste


1. Get a bowl out.

2. Mix everything together using a spoon and/or your hands until you get a dough.

3. Taste this dough and get ready to die a little (in a good way). It’s DELICIOUS. Try not to eat it all – remember you’re going to coat it in chocolate! So yeah, do mobilize some self-restraint and try not to eat it all. Or make twice as much so you can eat some dough straight off the bowl. It’s…fwaaaa… so good!

Protein Pow Chocolate RecipeCreating the Ducks

To create these (99% dark chocolate) protein-filled ducks (or ANY protein-filled chocolates, like these and these), all you do is: 1. melt a bar of dark chocolate, 2. pour half of it on the mold, 3. add bits of your filling, and 4. cover the whole thing with the rest of the melted chocolate. You then let the whole thing set in the fridge for a couple of hours or the freezer in thirty and POW!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re done.


To Make a Chocolate Easter Egg

This is the easiest thing on earth: 1. melt a bar of dark chocolate (I used 70%), 2. pour chocolate into the mold, 3. leave it to set, 4. unmold. Easy, peasy. And you can use any chocolate you want! Dark, milk, even white. Just be sure that the ‘walls’ of your egg mold are thickly-covered in chocolate otherwise the whole egg will crack when you try to unmold it.

Protein Pow Easter Egg

If you don’t have (or don’t want to get) a chocolate mold…

… simply roll your protein dough into balls and dip THOSE in chocolate to make protein truffles! Or you can make protein cups too – using simple muffin molds (silicone or paper). Here are some killer examples of Pow Truffles and here are some some example recipes to make Pow Cups! Super easy, right? And best of all: SO FUN!!!!

Healthy Chocolate Recipe

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