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Combining Creatine & Caffeine For Strength

Combining Creatine & Caffeine For Strength

Creatine supplementation is widely renowned for its’ ability to facilitate gains in strength, power and lean muscle mass when combined with regular weight training and physical activity protocols. Caffeine is a stimulant, which is an effective form of supplement that enhances performance as well as mental focus and mood. This has ensured that Caffeine has become a staple intake for a wide range of people for a variety of reasons – including everything from a pre-workout boost to a late afternoon pick-me-up at work.

However, research also suggests that when taken in sufficiently large doses Caffeine can increase strength as well as endurance during weight training. The findings of this research suggests that the doses of Caffeine commonly found in coffee, pre-workout drinks and fat-burners may be sufficient for increasing endurance and motivation, but essentially suggests that for those looking for strength gains larger doses could produce greater results.


Creatine has been widely available for decades and its continuing popularity and longevity is a testament to its effectiveness and value for money. Essentially, anabolic exercise (exercise that makes your muscles grow) is enhanced by Creatine supplementation and as a consequence the results attained are much improved.

What are the Benefits of Taking Caffeine?

The two most common reasons to take Caffeine as part of an exercise or physical activity regime are to burn fat or for its’ stimulant properties (increased alertness, increased endurance and focus, etc). Caffeine is extremely popular because of its potency and research has demonstrated its effectiveness as a means to increase endurance and, consequently, attain better results through facilitating harder training. However, a recent study has indicated that when Caffeine is taken in sufficiently large doses (9 milligrams per Kilogram of bodyweight) the research participants demonstrated increased strength compared to participants that took 1/3rd and ½ of this dose respectively – although all groups demonstrated increased endurance. The smaller doses of Caffeine correlate to the general amount found in most pre-workout supplements and fat burners (approximately 200-400 milligrams for an average weight person engaged in activity) and suggest that those looking to increase strength may benefit from a larger dose.

Combining Creatine and Caffeine

Studies of the effectiveness of both Creatine and Caffeine when taken in isolation are readily available and emphasise their effectiveness. Indeed, there will be many people who combine these supplements without considering they may be able to work together to increase strength as opposed to Creatine for strength and Caffeine for endurance. That said, there is a body of research that suggests that combining Creatine with Caffeine can reduce the effectiveness of Creatine. Consequently, as with all supplementation it is highly recommended that you try these for yourself, keep a detailed record and use your own body and results as a guide for effectiveness because what works for one may not necessarily work for another.

Creatine / Caffeine Combination Summary:

  • Consume 6-10 grams of Creatine daily.
  • Consume 9 milligrams of Caffeine per Kilogram of bodyweight to increase Strength.
  • Consume 200-400 milligrams of Caffeine pre-workout to increase Stamina and /or focus.
  • Regularly cycle on and off Caffeine to prevent Caffeine tolerance from occurring.
  • If new to Caffeine start with low doses and only increase the dose once you become accustomed to the side effects.
  • For safety reasons do not consume more than 9 milligrams of Caffeine per Kilogram of bodyweight.

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