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Casein For Recovery

Casein For Recovery

Casein possesses one of the most unique ways of delivering protein to the body. Casein slowly releases protein and amino acids into the body. Casein therefore provides a massive aid in muscle recovery in three different ways outlined below. Without rest after exercise muscles cannot recover. Casein is a vital supplement to aid with muscular recovery. Depending on which method is used to make casein will depend on the quality of the protein and the effect it has on promoting the relevant changes to your body.

Casein for Muscle Growth

Casein plays a massive part in aiding muscle growth. Casein is the prime supplement to use during your longest rest period in the day, overnight. By taking casein before sleeping, the muscles are provided with a slow but steady feed of protein. By doing this, the body is able to build muscle fibres. This is how the muscle is then able to grow. Casein plays a key part in this process.

Casein for Muscle Repair

asein is a very obvious choice of protein when it comes to recovery. When muscle fibres tear such as during exercise they need to be repaired by proteins and amino acids. Casein has the perfect combination of both of these to enable a steady feed into the muscles. It is during rest that muscles are given optimum recovery time. Casein helps to speed up this process.

Casein for Strength

In order to become stronger, you have to push your muscles beyond normal working loads when exercising. By then consuming whey protein and casein protein your muscles are then able to grow and repair even stronger. The next time you work out it will be harder to tear these muscle fibres, therefore having to increase the weight or perform more sets/repetition. Casein is an excellent supplement to help you achieve and enhance this process.

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