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‘Butter’ Protein Cinnamon Cookie Nut Sandwich

‘Butter’ Protein Cinnamon Cookie Nut Sandwich

OK, the ‘butter’ is misleading because there’s no butter in these BUT it’s not entirely so because guess what they’re made of? Ready? 130g of butterbeans!


130g butter beans (unsalted)
25g vanilla whey
19g vegan protein powder
100g liquid whites
bunch of cinnamon
a big fat 24g medjool date


1. Mix it up and while you’re assembling the ‘cookie,’ have your baking tray in the over at 150 or so getting warm so that when you spoon the cookies the tray is hot. 

2. Fill with peanut butter. You can make 5 cookies of it and then cook the rest of the mixture in a ramekin…

Macros per Serving (out of 1): 

52g protein
45g carbohydrates (11g fibre)
4g fat


Whey Protein 360 Extreme
Vegan Protein
Egg White Protein 80
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