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Crustless Blackberry Protein Mini Cheesecakes

First of all, a big and towering thank you to ON for sending me some of their delicious vanilla whey. I’ve always been a huge fan of vanilla whey because I find it is the most versatile of protein flavors: add cocoa -> chocolate whey, add banana -> banana whey, add lucuma powder -> lucuma whey, add orange zest and cinnamon -> deliciousness. I also find that it makes the best protein fluff and protein ice cream, especially when mixed with banana…there’s just something about vanilla whey + banana (cinnamon +/- orange zest *sigh*).

Bueno, the mini cheesecakes: some good news and some bad news. As always, the good news first: this recipe is so easy that it’s verging on ridiculous. The bad news? It’s so good that, unless your momma taught you well and you’ve turned into the sharing kind, you may just end up hiding the tupperware and eating them all. Which is not terrible news I suppose because, well, check out the ingredients:


1 small tub of 0% Total Greek yogurt
2 tablespoons quark (or cottage cheese)
1 tablespoon coconut flour
1/4 cups mulberries (or any other dried berry, or even a dry fig, or a couple of medjools)
2 fresh organic eggs
1/4 cup vanilla whey protein powder
1 cup fresh blackberries


1. Blend the yogurt, quark, coconut flour, mulberries, eggs, and vanilla protein together.

2. Try out the batter and add sweetener if needed.

3. When desired level of sweetness has been attained, add 1 cup of fresh blackberries (or raspberries or maybe even cherries) and mix them in with a fork or spoon instead of blending.

4. Bake at 170 celsius for about 35 minutes.

5. When finished, take out and let cool.

Macros per Serving (out of 9):

1.6g fat
4.4g carbs (2g sugars/2g fiber)
6.5g protein

Flip them out of the baking mold and feel the madness take over as you bite into it and the berries simply explode in your mouth. It’s fantastic. Every bite into these mini cheesecakes yields a kaboom of spectacular berriness 😀 I just wish I had some of those gigantic round plates so I could put one cheesecake in the center, enclose the cheesecakes with some strawberry coulis, throw some mint leaves around the plate, a couple of fresh strawberries and bam! -> an oooh-and-ahhh gourmet-style protein post-workout desert that no one will guess took literally five minutes to prepare! Ah!! comment j’adore ma protéine 😀

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18 Replies to “Crustless Blackberry Protein Mini Cheesecakes”

  1. 0_o!

    These look amazing! Just a quick question, can oat flour be used instead (or omitted completely). Also, how much is in a “tub” of yogurt? Again can’t wait to try these!

  2. Oat flour instead of coconut flour? probably! it will yield a different consistency but I think it’d work just fine! And about the yogurt, sorry I just updated it to read 170g tub of 0% Total Greek yogurt :-)))

  3. I made these last weekend and even though the taste was very good, the consistency was more cakey than cheesecakey. I even had to take them out of the oven sooner (maybe after only 20′). I used the ingredients as you say, only left out the dried fruit because I didn’t have any at home. Any ideas on what I might have done wrong? I’ll try this recipe again today. It’s great for breakfast or to take it with me at work 🙂

  4. Made these last night! I subbed blueberries for blackberries, and used a scoop of vanilla MPI (80% casein 20% whey) as the protein component. Yum! I think I will use less berries next time though, it was a little watery.

  5. I just finished making this and added Goji berries instead of mulberries & I must say it was freaking awesome! Next time, I will try it with fresh berries. And by next time, I mean tomorrow.

    • Awesome! yours turned out amazing! I love that they’re in a post about mechanical bull riding too hehe! Much Love! xoxoxo

  6. I have tried ON vanilla whey in a lot of baking stuff…muffins…pancakes…cake…and it always turns out so so so so dry and like foam. Does it not do that to THIS recipe, have you found that it does that in other recipes but not this one. A friend of mine told me that whey isolate is better to back with and it’s not as dry. What am I doing wrong? Everything I bake with whey, I end up throwing away because it’s like foam 🙁

    • Hi Kat, try it. You see, whey DOES tend to get all rubbery and weird UNLESS you offset it right. To do this, you just got to make sure you have a lot of thickening ingredients in there so… a cooked sweet potato, cottage cheese or, in this case yogurt + quark does the trick. I would ACTUALLY say that whey concentrate is better than isolate to bake with but seriously, ON vanilla should work just fine (I use that one a lot). Try it out with the yogurt and stuff and remember: proportionally speaking, you want your whey to be no more than 1/2 of your batter, ideally 1/4th!

  7. I blend using a handheld blender but you can use any blender you have and the fruit yeah its meant to stay whole (so add it at the end!) otherwise you would just get a big purple cheesecake with no fruit to be seen 🙂