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Best Fat Burning Pre-Workout

Best Fat Burning Pre-Workout

Unlimited energy and the potential to help you lose weight and achieve your physique goals, what isn’t there to love about a fat burning pre-workout?

The hardest part of any weight loss journey is consistency. After a long hard day at the office, the last thing you want to be doing is dragging yourself to the gym with 0 motivation. So, you go home, wack on Netflix and feel sorry for yourself. Just rewind for a second, and this time take a fat burning pre-workout as you leave the office.

The drive to the gym is immediately amplified, you switch your casual radio 2 music to hardstyle drum and bass, energy is tingling through your body, head bashing on the motorway, getting you in the mood to smash your workout. You hit your personal best and finish the day with a smile on your face, knowing your one step closer to your goal.

Which outcome would you choose? We know which one we would go for. It involves goal getting.

What Are Fat Burning Pre-workouts?

Pre-workouts are naturally designed to boost your energy, increase your mental focus and help you feel motivated through your intense workout session. However, with fat burning pre-workouts, they contain other ingredients shown to help influence weight loss and calorie burning. We’ve selected some ingredients often used in fat burning pre-workouts so you know what to look out for on the labels when purchasing your own.

Caffeine – The main ingredient in any pre-workout due to its ability to inhibit adenosine receptors which are responsible for making us feel tired. In the short term caffeine has shown to boost the metabolic rate and increase fat burning. The increase in energy helps you train harder and longer too, which means additional calories used again.

Green Tea Extract – Used in weight loss products for years due to it’s rich nutritional and antioxidant makeup which has shown to help boost your metabolism. It’s also high in natural caffeine too.

CLA – Thought to trigger chemical reactions which can help to stimulate the bodies natural fat burning process. It does this by speeding up metabolism, increasing insulin resistance, helping the body to ‘mobilise’ stored fat.

Vitamin B6 – Involved in every aspect of the process of creating energy, vitamin B6 can help boost energy levels and make sure you hit your session with full intensity. The harder you work the more calories you burn.

BCAA – Have shown to help influence lean muscle mass and promote weight loss. They have also shown to promote better recovery rates which will allow you to get back in the gym the next day without the aches and pains.

The Best Fat Burning Pre-Workouts

It’s all well and good taking a little bit of this and a little bit of that but if it’s not going to be making a difference on your body composition then whats the points?

It’s important that when you use a fat burning pre-workout that it contains only the best premium ingredients that will inevitably give you the best results. We’ve been through them all and uncovered some of the best fat burning pre-workouts on the market to choose from. Take a look below, as we get under the skin of each one.

1) THE PROTEIN WORKS, Raze-Burn Fat Burning Pre-workout, available from £16.99





What is Raze-Burn Pre-workout? & What Does It Contain?

Raze-Burn Pre-workout is the first thermogenic energy infused supplement created by the innovators of sports nutrition at TPW Towers. Taking their best selling pre-workout that delivers explosive energy and combining it with weight loss nutritional science to create a well-rounded fat burning pre-workout, perfect for those wanting to hit their physique goals with ease.

This is no ordinary pre-workout, but a pre-workout that has been designed specifically to help boost your chances of hitting your weight loss goals. Not only does it contain the very best ingredients associated with energy, muscle repair and weight loss, but Raze-Burn is also encased with the famous TPW Flavour Boost technology, giving you insane flavour from the very first gulp to the very last.

At the core of the best fat burning pre-workout is its ingredients, and like no other Raze-Burn contains them all. Starting with an optimal dose of caffeine to give you extra energy and focus, a weight loss combination of CLA, green tea extract, L-carnitine, iBCAA, HMB, L-Glutamine, and even hydrolysed whey protein to help contribute towards muscle growth, repair and has even been shown to help reduce appetite too. Nearly forgot the cherry on top. Raze-Burn also contains a vitamin and mineral blend to keep your immune system in tip-top shape and to make sure you’re getting sufficient nutrients during your diet.


How does Raze-Burn Pre-workout help with fat burn?

So, Raze-Burn contains an intense blend of energy and weight loss supplements but how can this help you burn fat? As after all, that’s the goal, right? Each ingredient used in Raze-burn has been hand selected by sports nutrition scientists for a reason that fit’s into 3 categories, energy release, weight loss and recovery.

Energy Release: Increasing your energy output allows you to have a better workout. Feeling sluggish and tired are a thing of the past. Having enough energy to smash your workout will help you to work harder, burn through more calories and overall enjoy your training. Of which is one of the most important aspects of having consistency in the gym. The addition of caffeine in Raze-burn will lift your energy to levels you’ve never felt before, whilst boosting your metabolism helping you to burn more calories more effectively.  

Weight Loss: Supplements specifically chosen to help boost your weight loss goals. Take L-Carnitine for an example. A naturally occurring amino acid that helps to transport fats stored within our body to the mitochondria to be used as energy. Without it, our body may use different sources of energy, for example, muscles. Not only this but also CLA that helps to trigger the bodies natural fat burning process. When combining this with an intense training session and energy, will have you achieving your physique goals in no time.

Recovery: Containing a very low calorie, low carb low-fat protein source will allow your body to repair itself ready for the next hard training session. Without sufficient recovery, you are more likely to suffer injuries, which could limit you and your training routine. Whey protein has also shown to help with the feeling of satiety, which is the feeling of being full, meaning those post-workout cupboard raidings will be no more.

2) THE PROTEIN WORKS, Red-Cell Fat Burner


What is Red-Cell? & What Does It Contain?

Red-Cell is an explosive pre-workout tablet that has been engineered for weight loss and body composition. Red-Cell is potent, and some. Ideal for anyone on a calorie controlled diet needing that mental and physical boost to help you reach goals with ease. Red-Cell contains groundbreaking technology and is one of the first of it’s kind to include a dual releasing blend of a thermogenic core encased in CLA within an easy to consume capsule.

Combining the power of the industries two most popular weight loss supplements, and other natural ingredients make for this to be one of the best fat burning pre-workouts on the market, if not THE best. The advanced formula of Red-Cell has taken new leaps in sports nutrition, with precise science led dosages so that you get the very best out of every capsule. Convenience at the ready, and easily added into your jacket pocket saves you from having to deal with the mess of powders and means your body receives what it needs at once giving you a sudden surge of energy that will last way past just a workout and will have you excited to get into the gym.

Red-Cell contains a highly concentrated dosage of CLA and a potent thermogenic blend of caffeine amongst other natural ingredients all shown to contribute either energy and fat burn. These include cayenne extract, L-phenylalanine, green coffee extract, Vitamin B6, chromium picolinate, Citrus Aurantium. Some long sounding words but we will go into detail how these can help you burn fat with ease below.

How does Red-Cell help with fat burn?

Red-cell is more than just a pre-workout, it’s our most effective fat burner to date too, but by combining the two, we now have a force to be reckoned with at our hands, but be warned, this is one potent capsule and is only suitable for the dedicated.

The main feature with Red-Cell is its dual release technology. Once consumed the CLA blend will first hit your body, getting broken down in amino acids and helping your body to trigger its natural fat burning process. By the time this has been triggered, the thermogenic core will be releasing. A combination of natural caffeine, vitamin B6, cayenne extract, green coffee extract and L-phenylalanine, will start to work its magic in your body, raising your levels of energy and helping to boost your metabolism.

The energy will help you last for the full training session, helping to smash personal records and feel alive even after the most tiring of days in the office. The combination of boosting your metabolism and training harder and longer will allow you to burn more calories than ever before, helping you to maintain and stay way in the calorie deficit line.

Pushing past the benefits of caffeine and looking at the other natural ingredients Red-Cell contains, for example, cayenne extract. This extract is taken directly from the cayenne pepper and has been shown to help curb appetite, speed up your metabolism and burn calories more effectively. L-phenylalanine is another nice addition, as essential amino with many studies suggesting that it works as an effective appetite suppressor.     

What is Amino-NRG? & What Does It Contain?

Amino-NRG is a premium formulated pre-workout that combines the highest concentration of amino acids than any other amino energy formula in the industry, with energy specific ingredients all shown to help contribute towards weight loss. This unique supplements can help you lose weight, boost your metabolism and improve lean muscle mass.

Containing 10g of micronised amino acids per serving, green tea extract and caffeine, makes it one of the most popular and best fat burning pre-workout designed by THE PROTEIN WORKS. Including a high dosage of amino acids is a tick on the cards, but having such a wide spectrum of each one makes it such a powerful supplement that should be considered if looking to lose weight and achieve physique goals quicker than ever.  

Although Amino-NRG is incredibly dense in its pre-workout and fat burning properties, it’s macros are also impressive. Each serving contains 0g of fat, 1.2g of carbs and 8 calories. That means you can sip through the day of before a workout knowing that it’s not impacting on your diet numbers, helping you to control your calorie deficit with ease, what more could you ask for?!  

How does Amino-NRG Help with Fat Burn?

We’ve talked a lot about caffeine and its effect on weight loss in this article. Amino-NRG is no different. It’s high energy content boost your metabolism and helps you to workout harder and longer, but we already know about that, let’s talk about how BCAA’s themselves can help influence fat burn.

BCAA’s have been shown to reduce sugar cravings by helping to maintain our blood glucose levels. Helping to maintain consistent levels will stop your blood sugar having a sharp decrease which would then leave you craving sugary unhealthy food, which when on a calorie controlled diet is the last thing you want to be thinking about. With sugar being one of the main contributors towards obesity, maintaining your blood sugar level should be a priority during your weight loss journey.

BCAA’s have shown to reduce the levels of serotonin within the brain. Serotonin is basically a chemical that triggers the feeling of fatigue. By feeling less tired you’re able to work out for longer and harder, meaning more calories burnt and more weight loss. Following on from the above paragraph, by maintaining healthy blood sugar levels will stop you from having a huge surge of instant energy and instead will provide you with a sustained release so you’re able to last for the full session.

By consuming Amino-NRG the BCAA complex has shown to help reduce recovery times and reduce muscle soreness. This means you can get back in the gym the day after without feeling like a tin man. More time in the gym will equal more calories burnt, which means more fat burnt, its simple science.

4) THE PROTEIN WORKS, Genesis Pre-Workout

What is Genesis Pre-Workout? & What Does It Contain?

Genesis pre-workout is a powerful pre-workout powder that contains ingredients used to help fight fat and reduce weight. Crossing the boundaries of sports nutrition Genesis pre-workout is the ammo needed for any intense gym session. Containing over 20 active ingredients all proven to help for optimal performance including iBCAA, arginine alpha keto-glutarate, beta alanine, citrulline malate, Siberian ginseng and the unique vitamin and mineral blend to maintain your bodies ability to push past any barriers it’s faced with.

Genesis pre-workout combines the very latest manufacturing techniques and cutting edge ingredients to give you the very best chance of smashing your goals. Available in 3 delicious flavours that will have you packing an instant punch of energy from the very first mouthful, your workouts will never be the same.

How Does Genesis Pre-Workout Help With Fat Burn?

Although Genesis pre workout was designed for those looking to increase their strength speed or endurance, don’t let that put you off. The premium ingredients used have also shown to have very impressive fat burning properties too, so don’t exclude it just yet, keep reading and we are sure you’ll be changing your mind.

To start, Genesis contains a potent tri-blend of caffeine giving you more than a dose of energy. The tri-blend contains a perfect ratio of guarana, Siberian ginseng and yerba mate, 3 of the best naturally occurring caffeine forms. We’ve talked a lot about caffeine in this article, and well for good reasons. Multiple reports have displayed its effectiveness for burning fat and helping to boost your metabolism which helps with burning calories. The reason for using these 3 is their ability to synergistically work together to provide your body with both instant and sustained energy through your entire workout.

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