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Whey 80 VS 90

Whey 80 VS 90

From the Archive of our old Forum JENRB Asked:

As a newbie to the training game im still a little bamboozled by all the different proteins!
Im aiming to loose some fat and build some nice lean muscle! So i ordered Whey isolate 90! Yum yum!
However, im looking at the Whey 80 concentrate and see there is a great sample pack HOWEVER, what is the difference between the two! Will the 80 still help me loose the fat and build the lean muscle?

Sorry for the lack of insight, all help welcome!



I’m the same as you Jen – the only difference I could see is that 90 is obviously 90% protein, and therefore a purer form of protein – which as I understand it, means it’s better for you. Everything else, in terms of all other content, is practically the same.

Extra tip – for fat loss – do HIIT! Worked wonders for me and a few friends. Doesn’t have to be for long periods either. At the end of your normal gym session, run/ cycle at 50% of your max for ten mins (on treadmill/ bike), then 30 secs flat out, 20 secs rest – repeat these bursts ten times. All in, should take no longer than 15-20 mins. Might slow muscle gains down for a while, but the fat loss is unreal.



As Sean has stated, the 90 has a higher protein % than 80 due to extra filtration during matufacture. Whey Isolate is lower in Carbs and Fat than the 80 but only minimally. Lower in lactose as well which is always a plus and the only reason I choose Isolate over concentrate.

Also just so you know, you can’t build muscle and lose fat at the same time. While losing fat you want to maintain as much muscle as possible, hence the need for a high protein DIET. I stress the word diet as well, everything you consume needs to be designed towards your goals. Having a shake for some added protein wont do anything if the rest of your diet sucks.





A further key point to note is that WPC has better immune system benefits due to the immunoglobulins

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