Brown Rice Protein may not be the most well-known or common form of protein consumed. However, Brown Rice Protein is becoming an increasingly popular supplement for a variety of reasons. Namely because Brown Rice Protein is clearly valuable as a tool to supplement the diets of vegans, vegetarians and those following a gluten or lactose-free diet.

What is Brown Rice Protein?

Brown rice protein is derived by isolating the proteins from brown whole grain rice. Brown rice protein is mainly used by athletes who require a quality protein supplement but who don’t want to use a dairy or soy protein source. Most people supplement their diet with this type of non dairy protein for specific dietary reasons. Yet, some athletes actually prefer this type of protein because of the additional nutrients found within it. For example, high levels of certain B vitamins, a good amino acid profile and high fibre content.

Brown Rice Protein as a Whey Alternative

Whilst vegetarians and vegans may be limited in their protein choices, Brown Rice Protein does at least provide them with one genuine alternative to the likes of whey. The reality though is that Brown Rice Protein is not just for vegetarians and vegans. In fact Brown Rice Protein is an excellent source of protein for any goal. Brown Rice Protein is also a reliable source of protein that is easy to consume. Brown Rice Protein is absorbed slower than some other forms of protein such as whey and this slower rate of absorption makes Brown Rice Protein ideal for consumption before bed to ensure the body receives all the fuel it needs.

Brown Rice Protein for Allergies

Brown Rice Protein is popular amongst people who suffer with a number of allergies. In particular individuals who have issues with dairy may find brown rice protein to be an excellent alternative. Brown Rice Protein doesn’t contain gluten or wheat making it an excellent option for anyone looking to cut such elements out of their diet.

Brown Rice Protein & Blood Sugar Levels

Brown Rice Protein also has a low carbohydrate content so is ideal for individuals more susceptible to spikes in blood sugar levels. For this reason Brown Rice Protein is also ideal for those looking to reduce their body fat percentage. This is because Brown Rice Protein will help you avoid hunger pangs as a result of varying blood sugar levels. Overall Brown Rice Protein is an excellent source of protein for anyone. In particular though Brown Rice Protein is ideal for allergy sufferers and vegetarians and vegans who can often be quite limited in their choices.



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