As with most forms of protein, there is a great amount of debate over the best time to consume Brown Rice Protein. Many will argue that Brown Rice Protein is best consumed immediately after exercise. There are however those who believe that the best time to consume Brown Rice Protein is just before a workout. This often leaves people confused over when exactly is the best time to consume Brown Rice Protein.

The reality is that for a lot of people, the best time to consume Brown Rice Protein is entirely up to them. Whether you consume Brown Rice Protein before or after a workout is often down to an individual’s preferences. It can also depend on how individuals react to Brown Rice Protein and there are many factors to consider. For example does Brown Rice Protein cause you bloating during a workout?

Consuming Brown Rice Protein Before a Workout

By consuming Brown Rice Protein before a workout can support to fuel your body for exercise. By consuming Brown Rice Protein before exercise, performance can be enhanced by ensuring the muscles are properly fuelled and able to perform at an optimal level.

Consuming Brown Rice Protein before a workout also ensures that the body has the necessary fuels for repair. As muscles will endure minor tears, particularly during heavy workouts, a high-protein shake like Brown Rice Protein is essential. Taking Brown Rice Protein before a workout will also help avoid any rush to gulp down any protein immediately after finishing.

Consuming Brown Rice Protein After a Workout

Some people may feel bloated or heavy if they choose to consume their Brown Rice Protein shake before a workout. It may therefore be beneficial to wait until after exercise before consuming Brown Rice Protein. As long as you consume Brown Rice Protein within around 15 minutes of a workout you should ensure that your body is adequately refuelled and not likely to break down muscle mass.



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