HMB is a supplement with many properties. Studies demonstrated that HMB could help promote muscle growth and reduce muscle wasting. However, research states that if HMB is taken on its own, these properties can be diminished. Stacking HMB with other supplements means that you take full advantage of the properties it offers. HMB also supports endurance and resilience to fatigue. Getting the right combination of supplements can greatly enhance these effects.

What Should I Take with HMB to Enhance Muscle Growth?

HMB decreases the amount of tissue that is taken from other muscle in your body to facilitate muscle growth. This means your body is forced to used another source of material to help grow muscle tissue when using HMB. Your best external source is protein. Protein shakes are a key supplement for supporting muscle growth. After training your body will require protein and amino acids to start the repair process. Without these the work you have done in training will be wasted. Make sure that you are choosing a quick releasing protein, like whey protein, alongside HMB to optimise this. If you want to add even more support to your HMB stack, include amino acids such as glutamine.

HMB Stack for Improved Endurance

What should I take with HMB?

HMB can also increase your VO2 max meaning you can feel more resilient to intense training. You can take maximum advantage of this effect by stacking HMB with Beta-Alanine and pre-workouts. An increase in V02 max via HMB supplementation means that your muscles are able to utilise oxygen more efficiency. Oxygen is a key component in aerobic training. Aerobic training requires your body to be metabolising fats and carbohydrates to produce energy. More oxygen requires more readily available energy in your body to be useful. To make a higher V02 max useful during anaerobic training you will need to include a supplement that reduces lactic acid in the muscle at a faster rate. Beta-Alanine is an effective supplement for achieving this and can augment the effects of HMB.

HMB provides increased resistance to fatigue. This effect of HMB enhanced training intensity means your body will burn more energy. Make sure that you are getting enough carbohydrates in your diet. If your diet is lacking in carbohydrates you can choose to take an energy supplement that includes simple carbohydrates or glucose. This is another staple addition to a stack to enhance the effects of HMB.

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