Arginine has been used as a supplement to enhance muscle growth for many years. Arginine works by widening the blood vessels, allowing for greater blood flow. This improves circulation of glucose, amino acids and other nutrients to flow to the muscles more efficiently.  Arginine also allows waste products to be taken away swfitly during a workout.  Arginine fills your muscles with water and nutrients. When taken consistently,arginine therefore helps your body maintain lean muscle mass.  Arginine also promotes your immune response to viruses and bacteria that can lead to the degeneration of muscle.

Arginine and Recovery

Because arginine helps people to recover quicker while adding more muscle, it also allows people to train more often.  As long as more weight or repetitions (progression) are added each session, the muscle will continue to get bigger and stronger.  This is only possible with a good diet and supplementation.  When supplementing with arginine as part of a weight training program, muscle growth is therefore possible at a quicker rate.  Arginine also help by increasing the strength to weight ratio by increasing lean tissue, strength and reducing excess body fat by using it as a preferential energy source.

Arginine for Your Workout

The waste product lactic acid can be transported away more efficiently when using arginine. This means arginine allows you to perform more repetitions, train harder and longer and therefore indirectly enhancing muscle growth.

Arginine enhances performance during a workout by supplying a hit of nutrients and removing waste products. Arginine can therefore be a powerful ally to promote muscle growth.  Post-workout, arginine helps to repair muscle and promote muscle growth. Arginine has specifically been shown to help power lifters lose body fat and gain strength. This can be crucial when ‘making weight’ whilst still maintaining maximum strength

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