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What Makes Beta-alanine A Good Pre-workout?

What Makes Beta-alanine A Good Pre-workout?

Beta-alanine is a contemporarily popular pre-workout ingredient. Pre-workout shakes always come with a cocktail of ingredients. Knowing what each of these ingredients does is important. Understanding an ingredients properties allows you to use the supplement more effectively. Beta-alanine is included in many pre-workouts. When used correctly, beta-alanine is one of the most effective ingredients you will find in the pre-workout. This article will explain why beta-alanine is so useful and how to maximise its effect as a pre-workout.

Beta-Alanine’s Pre-workout Effect?

What Makes Beta-Alanine a Good Pre-Workout?

When you take a beta-alanine containing pre-workout you may get a tingling feeling from time to time. This is the presence of beta-alanine. Beta-alanine is a stimulant, with very similar effects to caffeine. It improves your focus and power output when training. The product of beta-alanine – carnosine, reduces fatigue in the muscle allowing you to train for longer. When combined with all the other pre-workout ingredients beta-alanine really helps improve your performance. The effect of beta-alanine lasts for between 90 minutes and 2 hours. This is more than enough time for a training session. It is worth noting that the effect of beta-alanine will slowly wear out throughout the session.

How Beta-Alanine works with other Ingredients

Beta-alanine is only one part of the pre-workout drink. Other ingredients, like caffeine and taurine work very well when combined with beta-alanine. Caffeine is a very potent stimulant. It raises the heart rate and blood pressure. This supplies the muscles with more nutrients and oxygen. Beta-alanine is able to make sure the muscle is free from lactic acid to allow for effective use of other nutrients. The supporting of the nervous system helps make sure that each muscle contraction is as strong as possible. Taurine works in conjunction with beta-alanine as they help to stabilise the levels of one another in the body.

Best Way to use Pre-workouts containing Beta-Alanine

Pre-workout supplements have very strong and noticeable effects on your body. When taken correctly, pre-workouts and beta-alanine can give very consistent and beneficial results. Beta-alanine has show to influence the body most when taken on an empty stomach. This is the same with caffeine. Go careful as if you are used to taking beta-alanine after eating your normal does may cause an uncomfortable pins and needles feeling. The effect of beta-alanine can also be topped up by drinking pre-workout throughout the session. This is only recommended if you half the amount stated by the manufactures. This way you will not feel your energy levels dip mid workout. Always follow the manufacturers guidelines when taking any kind of supplements.

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