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Beta-alanine For Fat Loss

Beta-alanine For Fat Loss

Many people in training and using beta-alanine supplements do so for fat loss. Beta-alanine is a very versatile supplement that will be able to aid you in reducing your fat levels. Careful supplementation is needed during fat loss programmes. You diet needs to be correctly managed to ensure you are getting enough of each food group. By supplementing you diet you can better achieve a balanced diet. Beta-alanine is one of the supplements you should seriously consider adding to your stack.

Beta-Alanine and Energy Levels

Beta-Alanine For Fat Loss

During a weight loss diet you will most likely be in a calorie deficit. Lower carbohydrate intake means your energy levels are lower than usual. This makes training harder than before. Beta-alanine is a stimulant, so by taking one of your daily doses before you start your session will help. You have have a spike in your energy levels for between 90 minute and 2 hours. Beta-alanine also improves your focus. Keeping your mind focussed when in a depleted state becomes more tricky. By taking beta-alanine before the session your focus will be improved, allowing you to take advantage of the energy the supplement provides you with.

How will Beta-Alanine affect you after Training?

While beta-alanine increases your energy levels, it does not supply your body with extra calories to burn. The beta-alanine makes your body burn more energy for the period it acts as a stimulant. Burning the extra energy during the training session will leave you with less energy after the session. Expect to feel more tired during the time outside of training when using beta-alanine to support your training sessions Avoid the temptation to eat more after the training session. While it supports fat loss, beta-alanine is not a miracle fat burner.

Should You Change Your Intake Of Beta-Alanine on a Fat Loss Program

Beta-alanine affects the body by supporting the production of carnosine. Carnosine is used by the body as and when it needs it. To make sure carnosine levels are at there maximum you need to ensure your body has all the beta-alanine it needs available. So keep your intake of beta-alanine the same as when your bulking or just maintaining. As it is an amino acid, your body is able to regulate the amount of beta-alanine very well. It uses the beta-alanine it needs and then gets rid of the rest.

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