Amongst many other roles, beta-alanine can also assist muscle growth. Getting bigger can always pose problems. The correct combination of nutrition and supplements is need to support a very intense training plan. Beta-alanine is a supplement you could consider taking while ‘bulking’. The support offered by beta-alanine covers various areas of your body. Enhancing each of these areas with beta-alanine will make your search for size more successful.

Beta-alanine & Muscle Growth

Beta-alanine and Bulking

Bulking is all about growing muscle. Due to the type of training needed for growth, beta-alanine is a supplement you should be using to help your training. Taking beta-alanine increases your strength and recovery time when training. This means lifting heavier for longer. Lifting heavier weights causes more micro-tears in the muscle fibre. This promotes the muscle growth you desire. The stimulant properties of beta-alanine also help. Your sessions will be more focussed and your muscle response will be greater due to the supported nervous system when using beta-alanine. All of these effects will enhance your training session and promote growth in your muscles.

Beta-alanine & Recovery

When you have finished your training session your body needs to recover. Beta-alanine is compellingly linked with improved recovery. In fact, the recovery process is key for bulking as that is when the size of muscles is increased. Muscle recovery and growth starts as soon as the session is over. Nutrients are ingested kick start the muscle to begin repair. However if the muscle is full of lactic acid, recovery is limited. Beta-alanine reduces the lactic acid present in the muscle during training. This means less lactic acid is present in the muscle when training is finished. This means, thanks to beta-alanine, the muscle is able to start receiving nutrients as soon as training is done and thus optimising the recovery process.

Beta-alanine & the Central Nervous System

The style of training used in the bulking phase puts lots of strain on the central nervous system (CNS). Training your CNS can cause you to feel incredibly tired. Over time this takes its toll on your body, leaving you worn out and ineffective. One way to counteract this  is via beta-alanine supplementation. Keeping your CNS healthy and functional will make sure that your training stays effective. Muscle contraction is governed by the CNS. Enhanced muscle contraction means enhanced muscle growth. A tired CNS will begin to affect your everyday life. While we strive for improvements through training, it is important to remember health covers all aspects of life. Therefore beta-alanine could be an essential allay in your supplement cupboard to combat fatigue and optimise your CNS.

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