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This recipe has a secret ingredient that will surprise you: bean water! That’s right. Bean water. Bean water that’s been whipped up until it turns into something called aquafaba (here’s a video someone made of aquafaba being made with chickpea water). The ingredients you need to make this mousse are as follows:

  • Bean or chickpea water (i.e. the liquid you get after draining a can of unsalted black beans; note: you can use kidney bean water too, or chickpea water!)
  • Protein powder
  • Dark chocolate 
  • Maple Syrup (note: you could sub this with agave syrup or coconut sugar)

I know you might be thinking “that sounds gross.” Bean water, after all, is something most of us throw away when we open a can of beans or chickpeas. We think of it as waste. But guess what? It doesn’t need to be wasted! This recipe is a perfect example of how amazing bean water can be.



The lessons are these: 

1. Make sure you whip your bean water until it’s as ‘peaky’ as possible (i.e. you want it to be as close to stiff-peaked egg whites as possible). Whip for a full 20 minutes and that should work beautifully!

2. Make sure your chocolate is cool enough when you fold it into your bean fluff. You want it to be at room temperature. If it’s too hot, it’ll not mix well with the fluff and if it’s too cold, it’s just clump up in the fluff and you’ll end up with a grainy mess.

3. Don’t use a protein powder that has ‘stuff’ in it. For example, a powder with seeds will not work out due to the chocolate and protein mixing in a strange way with the bean fluff. Use a protein powder that’s smooth instead


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