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Valentine’s Day Chocolates: Vegan and Gluten Free

Valentine’s Day Chocolates: Vegan and Gluten Free

Valentine’s Day comes once a year and if you have someone in your life who loves chocolates and protein, we strongly recommend you make our Valentine’s Day Chocolates.

These dark chocolate treats are the perfect personal gift, catering for the vegans and gluten-free amongst you. Follow our super easy recipe below where we’ve added both tablespoons and grams for you.

Discover this lovely recipe for vegan and gluten-free Valentine’s Day Chocolates right here…

Valentine’s Day Chocolates: Vegan and Gluten Free


1 tbsp almond butter, smooth – 16g
1/2-1 tsp vanilla stevia drops
1 tbsp Pea Protein powder – 10g (Or, use our Vegan Protein)
1/2 tbsp golden linseeds aka flaxseeds
1 tbsp almond milk – 15ml
1 tbsp cocoa powder – 7g
2 tsp granulated stevia or coconut sugar – 8g
1/2 bar dark chocolate  – 100g


First, if you don’t have one, go get a silicone chocolate mould. You have time. Just head over to your local homeware shop to get one or buy one easily from Amazon. They come in all shapes in sizes like hearts, stars, ducks and bunnies! Silicone chocolate moulds are really fun and if you’ll probably use them a lot so go grab a tray or two.

1. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl or food processor until you get a delicious dough! Divide this dough into five tiny balls. Try not to eat them all – you’re going to want to!

2. Melt your dark chocolate

3. Place half of the dark chocolate in the bottom of the mould and your dough in the middle

4. Cover with the rest of the dark chocolate

5. Refrigerate for a couple of hours and that’s valentine’s day sorted!

6. Place the chocolates in a heart-shaped chocolate box or a regular box if you want to make a more touching impression and give them to your loved one this Valentine’s Day! Or, make them special for yourself.


To jazz up your protein chocolates further, consider adding some freeze-dried berries to your dough! Or chopped nuts. You could also add a few drops of Tia Maria if you want to make boozy truffles. Or whisky even. Or champagne? Just bear in mind if you DO add any of that, to use only 1/2 tbsp of it and then 1/2 tbsp of your almond milk (to ensure your dough stays doughy).

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