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A Protein Pow(d)ered Valentine’s Day Protein Truffles

Today is Valentine’s Day and, instead of creating a single recipe to mark the occasion, I want to direct you here towards several of my Valentine’s Day-friendly protein recipes, all involving… you guessed it, protein and chocolate. In this post I also want to include a step by step picture-guide to making a heart shape box!

In case you’re feeling inspired (totally last minute) today to create your someone-someone their own box of delicious protein truffles!

The second batch, which inspired the article in question, can be found in my blog post here.After reading the blog post, you’ll notice that I made heart-shape box and filled it with protein truffles. It later dawned on me though that one could fill one’s box with all kinds of protein-filled chocolates. Or a combination of protein-filled chocolates AND truffles.

I also want you to note that, if you bought the Protein Bar Ebook that I released yesterday, you can follow those recipes and shape the bars into Protein Truffles instead! You can, for instance, make strawberry & cream filled protein chocolates, hazelnut & vanilla ones, goji berry & acai vegan protein truffles, etc, etc, etc. There are just so many ways, endless ways really, to make the protein heart go boom boom booooooom.

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