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Top 3 Leg Exercises

Top 3 Leg Exercises

Are you ready for a leg day? You definitely need to include these leg exercises in your weekly workout routine in order to tone, build muscle and gain strength. In a leg day, there are key muscles that will be engaged such as glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves. So get prepared to feel the burn and great results!


Squats seem to be the king of leg day, as they’re the simplest exercise you could do but one of the most challenging. They work the whole lower body, including glutes! Squats can be done using a bar or free weights such as dumbbells and kettlebells (with optional weight)

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The dumbbell lunge just like the squat requires hip and knee extension and engages key muscles. This exercise also stimulates the glutes and thighs and can be done standing in place, or stepping forward or backward, decide yourself of what you prefer. You can also choose between a barbell, dumbbells and the weight.

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The deadlift is typically done with a barbell, but can also be done with dumbbells. The deadlift targets several muscle types, including your back both the quadriceps on the front of your thigh and the hamstrings on the back of your thigh. As well as being a key leg exercise, it also engages the glutes muscles. It’s one of the few exercise that targets not only lower body, but it also engages the upper body! The deadlift reduces the risk of injury, especially the lower back.

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