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How To Stay Motivated During Winter Training

How To Stay Motivated During Winter Training

We know that preparation is the key to a great performance. PT Laura Ciotte has just the antidote to help excuse-proof your winter training in order for you to achieve your new year goals.

#1 Set New Goals

New goals will keep you motivated to get out to the gym when it’s dark and cold. Make sure they’re specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound.

#2 New Workout Clothes

Who doesn’t want to get to the gym and show of their new workout gear, feeling good will really help you get out of bed and into the gym.

#3 Plan Ahead

A solid workout programme will help keep you on track, make sure its added to your diary so you’re not tempting to skip a workout! Treat training as any other commitment in your diary.

#4 Be Prepared

If your gym bag is ready you’re less likely to skip training as you haven’t got to do any extra work to get yourself ready.

#5 Treat Yourself

No not food, give yourself that gym top you’ve been admiring when you reach your goal. As if the motivation of reaching your goals wasn’t enough!

#6 Track Your Progress

Not only does this make sure you’re constantly improving but it also helps to keep you motivated as you see how much you’ve improved!

#7 Keep Something Warm By Your Bed

It can be really tough to get out of bed when it’s winter, but by keeping a warm hoodie by your bed it can make the transition into the cold a little easier- meaning your early morning workout actually happens!

By Laura Ciotte PT –

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