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Three Ingredient Chocolate Orange Protein Bars!

Three Ingredient Chocolate Orange Protein Bars!

This recipe is for the experimental amongst you. It’s a blueprint – a source of what we hope will be inspiration and further motivation for you to go wild and experiment further into the world of making your own protein bars.

Are you ready? Because it doesn’t get easier than this, as this Chocolate Orange Protein Bar recipe involves just three ingredients! 


1 cup rolled oats blitzed into oat flour + 1/2 to 3/4  cup of whole rolled oats
5 scoops Chocolate Orange Swirl Whey Protein 360
Dash of milk to bind


1. Blend about a cup of oats into a fine powder (in the blender) to create oat flour. Pour that into a big bowl with five scoops of Chocolate Orange Swirl Whey Protein 360 , about a half to 3/4 of a cup of actual rolled oats, and enough milk to hold the mix together.

2. Once the batter is thick enough, press it onto a wax-paper-lined tupperware and stick it in the fridge overnight.

3. Then, next morning, cut into the bars. 

Some recommendations:

You could add a tbsp or two of coconut flour to the mix (to get rid of any chewiness) and bind that with a bit more milk.

You can coat the bars in melted chocolate.

You can use casein instead whey but, if you do, make sure you add a further binder like peanut butter.

You can add nuts and/or seeds to to your bars to make them crunchy.

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2 Replies to “Three Ingredient Chocolate Orange Protein Bars!”

  1. Easy to make, but I think I added too much moisture. I added in some almond meal then decided to turn them into truffles. I rolled them in some cocoa powder. I’ve just started using protein powders in baking in the last few months so I ‘m a newbie with the protein powders. Love your website and recipes. I look forward to trying out more of them.