This week, we are super excited to lift the lid on a brand-new partnership.

We’ve been brewing this one for a couple of months – but it’s piping hot now and ready to roll!

Meet our mate, the newest member of the TPW Tribe, Tom Trotter!! ?

We met this young gun a few months back working on another project and he bundled us up, spun us round and threw us back out into the world like hyped up kids at a sweet shop!

Tom has been a Personal Trainer in the fitness industry for 6 years. As an Ex Professional and England Counties U20 rugby player he understands the level of hard work required to reach your desired goals, both physically and mentally. He now shares his wealth of experience and works with a variety of clients from professional athletes to novice gym users.

Tom’s dedicated healthy lifestyle has led him to embark on a career in Personal Training where he has gained a large following on social media with his “stand out” training qualities, knowledge for nutrition, and dedicated fitness posts.

Outside of YUK YARD FITNESS Tom also does fitness modelling, plays semi-professional rugby and is also developing a career in Sports Presenting where he showcases his fun, out-going , positive personality!

Tom is a big family person and enjoys a socially orientated lifestyle. There isn’t a day that goes by when he is not training or being active! He has an aspiring mentality and as a determined professional trainer he will ensure all clients enjoy the process of becoming the best version of themselves and reaching there healthy lifestyle goals!

Gym owner, presenter and youtuber, who has interviewed professional athletes, Olympians and always ensures he is never to toooo serious! A fun, outgoing, positive happy personality always aspiring to bring out the best in people!!! P.s overly obsessed with all things gym, fitness training the ski erg and the protein works nut butters.

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