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How to Be Vegan on A Budget

How to Be Vegan on A Budget

So, you’ve decided to become a Vegan and are now faced with the daunting task of not only figuring out what this means for your fitness goals but also what this means for your bank balance.

It’s not uncommon for people to believe that making the transition to a Vegan diet not only makes losing fat or building muscle more difficult but it also makes it more expensive.

In this article, we’ll look at what being Vegan means for your fitness goals, as well as how you can go Vegan without breaking the bank.

Hitting Your Fitness Goals as A Vegan

I think you’ll agree that whether you want to lose fat or build muscle, protein is an important part of the diet. Which is why transitioning from a traditional diet to a Vegan diet can bring concerns about the amount and quality of the protein you eat.

This is largely because plant-based proteins typically don’t contain all the essential amino acids that you find in meat-based proteins.

As a result, you’ll not only need to eat a range of different plant proteins (tofu, legumes, nuts, quinoa, etc) but you’ll also want to supplement with Vegan protein powders to successfully meet your protein needs. (1)

Thankfully that’s what we do here at TPW. In fact, it’s our speciality, which means if you’re looking for a low-cost, effective and even award-winning way to hit your fitness goals as a Vegan then we’ve got you covered.

Our Vegan Wondershake, using our Quadplant technology, provides a whopping 22g of protein per serving whilst remaining 100% Vegan-friendly. Giving you a simple way to hit your protein and fitness goals as a Vegan.

However, this is only one part of the puzzle, you also need to be able to follow a Vegan diet without breaking the bank.

Going Vegan on A Budget

With the increased visibility and popularity of the Vegan diet, it is getting easier and easier to go vegan on a budget. However, to help ease your transition here are our top tips.

#1: Plan Ahead

How many times have you gone shopping, only to end up with a tonne of stuff you didn’t want or need? If you’re going to stick to a budget, then you’ll need to get organised. This means planning your meals for the week, writing a shopping list and then sticking to it.

#2: Buy Basics in Bulk

Chances are you’ll be eating a lot of nuts and seeds when following the Vegan diet, both of which can be much more affordable when bought in bulk. Additionally, things like oats and rice are generally cheaper the more you buy and keep well.

Other items like canned tomatoes, lentils and beans are also great to bulk buy as they last a long time and are very versatile.

#3: Cook Your Own Meals

Even with the rapidly increasing popularity of the Vegan diet eating out is still too expensive for most of us to do more than occasionally. This means if you want to go Vegan without emptying your savings account, then you’ll want to prioritise cooking at home.

#4: Batch Cook

When you’re cooking at home it can be super cost-effective to batch cook meals, put portions into Tupperware and keep them in the fridge or freezer to eat at a later date. This saves you time and effort in the future and allows you to be more economical with your shopping. It’s a win, win.

#4: Use Supplements

When following a Vegan diet there is the potential for deficiencies, particularly in Vitamin B12 and Omega fatty acids. Here at TPW, we’ve created cost-effective supplements (vegan vitamin B12 tablets & vegan omega 3:6:9 Ahiflower oil) to help you meet your micronutrient needs without spending a fortune.

You’ll also might want to consider supplementing with creatine for its performance-enhancing benefits, as studies have shown Vegetarians (and logically Vegans) to have lower than normal amounts (2). This is what we recommend.

Summing Up

Not only is it possible to hit your fitness goals on a Vegan diet but it’s possible to do it without needing a pay rise or winning the lottery.

By doing a little planning, buying in bulk and cooking at home you can eat in a way that’s sustainable for your health and your wallet.


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