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The Lesser Known Benefits Of Taking Carnitine

Carnitine is a supplement widely taken to aid individuals with their weight training goals. Many people however avoid Carnitine as they see it only as a supplement for supporting body composition. Even those taking Carnitine may not understand the extra benefits of taking it as a supplement. What many people do not realise is that Carnitine is also an effective supplement for protecting against heart disease, improving sperm count and sexual health and easing the aging process. Carnitine is therefore a valuable supplement for a variety of individuals.

Carnitine for Weight Loss

Studies have shown that taking a Carnitine supplement can reduce fat mass and fatigue whilst supporting lean muscle growth. All three of these elements help aid weight loss. Carnitine does this by speeding up the delivery of fatty acids to the muscles for to provide the fuel for energy. This allows for energy to be produced quicker – allowing for longer, harder training sessions.


Carnitine and Heart Disease Prevention

Most of the body’s Carnitine can be found stored in the heart. Studies have shown that Carnitine supplements can improve muscle weakness. Carnitine can also help the heart function more efficiently. Carnitine has therefore been shown to aid individuals who suffer with heart disease and in particular angina. Studies indicated that angina sufferers taking Carnitine supplements were able to exercise without chest pain.

Smaller studies have also indicated heart attack sufferers who start taking Carnitine supplements are less likely to suffer another heart attack. Those taking Carnitine are also less likely to die of heart disease, experience chest pain or develop heart failure. Other studies have also indicated that Carnitine helps aid the exercise capacity of those suffering from heart conditions.

Carnitine and Enhanced Sexual Health

Low sperm counts have been linked to deficiencies in Carnitine levels in men. Studies have therefore indicated Carnitine supplementation may help increase the mobility and sperm count in men. The study showed that ingesting two grams of Carnitine per day helped significantly improve the sperm quality of the men studied. Other studies have also suggested Carnitine may help improve the effectiveness of Viagra in men with diabetes.

Carnitine and Aging

Research indicates that low levels of Carnitine can contribute to the aging process. Therefore Carnitine supplementation has been shown to help slow down the effect of aging. Studies have gone as far as to indicate Carnitine supplementation can help slow the cognitive decline of Alzheimer’s patients.

Summary of the Benefits of Carnitine

Whilst further studies are required to prove the full benefits of Carnitine supplementation, early indicators suggest there are a range of benefits. A number of studies have shown Carnitine is useful in helping aid weight loss and sexual health whilst easing the aging process and protecting against heart disease. These studies have shown supplemental Carnitine has a range of benefits beyond the obvious physical improvements.

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