Milk Protein has a specific role in bodybuilding. The properties of Milk Protein make it unique when compared to similar protein sources.  High protein content and prolonged release of this protein make Milk Protein ideal for bodybuilding.  Rich in amino acids and branch chain amino acids, Milk Protein is a high quality source of protein that will release for periods of up to seven hours.  When muscle gain is achieved by increasing protein synthesis AND minimising muscle protein breakdown, Milk Protein helps to tip the balance towards muscle development through its minimising of muscle protein breakdown.  In this article we will investigate the role Milk Protein has within bodybuilding, it’s benefits and why they make it so important to bodybuilders.

The Role of Milk Protein in Bodybuilding

Milk Protein & BodybuildingFormed from the Casein and Whey present in milk, Milk Protein forms an important part of any nutritional plan. The unique properties of Milk Protein allow it to provide a sustained release of protein into the bloodstream.  No matter whether the training goal is bulking or shredding, Milk Protein provides a protein source for anything up to seven hours.  As it takes so long to release into the body, Milk Protein effectively keeps the body from going catabolic and feeding off of your hard earned muscle.  This is most important when calories are not coming into the body. i.e. when the body is asleep.

Milk Protein and Increasing Mass

In order to increase muscle mass, any opportunities the body has to repair and grow need to be maximised. Sleep is one of these times.  Even if your training regime and nutrition are good, you could be missing an area that could be used to increase your potential gains in muscle.  Studies have shown that during sleep, an increased level of cellular repair takes place.  Training adaptations from a hard session happen during this time; if you have a sustained release of protein, rich in amino acids then this time could be exploited and maximum benefits gained. Milk Protein provides just that. This means better recovery for and a stronger body for your next session.  Milk Protein could also be used strategically during the day when an immediate hit of protein isn’t required.  If work commitments catch you short and you’re going to be away/busy for a few hours, Whey Protein will be in and out your system in anything up to 90 minutes.  Compare this to Milk Protein, which will continually deliver you the amino acids you need for hours and there really is no competition.

Should I Use Milk Protein?

Milk Protein has a specific role and function within Bodybuilding. As part of a complete nutritional plan Milk Protein can certainly be used to gain maximum results.  Its unique properties make Milk Protein suited to a specific purpose, and in this role cannot be matched.  In order to really get the benefits you deserve from those hard training sessions, one type of protein doesn’t work in all roles.  Protein types need to be matched to the most effective use of their properties, then the results speak for themselves.

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