Imagine being able to burn calories simply by sitting back and consuming your favourite Green Tea beverage. Well there is a growing belief that regular consumption of Green Tea can aid weight loss. As tea is already the nations favourite hot beverage, a simple change to Green Tea could be all you need to kick start your weight loss gains. So how is it that Green Tea can help aid fat loss?

Green Tea Boosts Metabolism

A number of recent studies have indicated that consuming Green Tea regularly can help boost your metabolism. It is therefore no wonder that celebrities/athletes across the globe are regularly consuming Green Tea in a bid to slim down.

Green Tea Burns Extra Calories

With Green Tea boosting your metabolism it is therefore no wonder it also helps to burn extra calories.  The extra calories burnt by Green Tea may not account for a huge amount of your daily intake but will certainly help aid weight loss.

Green Tea Boosts Energy Levels

There is also a great deal of research that indicates that Green Tea helps boost energy levels. By increasing your metabolic rate, Green Tea helps to balance blood sugar levels and therefore boosts energy levels. The boost in energy levels caused by the consumption of Green Tea can therefore help improve your training which can lead to weight loss.

Green Tea Aids Weight Loss

A variety of factors help ensure that Green Tea is an effective weight loss aid. The boost in metabolism is one of the key factors in consuming Green Tea. Green Tea’s ability to boost energy levels also helps improve your ability to train. These two factors combine to ensure Green Tea is an effective tool in your battle against fat.

Look out for Part 2 in my series on the health benefits of Green Tea.



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