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Green Tea To Improve Performance In Rugby

Green Tea To Improve Performance In Rugby

The benefits of consuming Green Tea have been widely recognised in the sports and nutrition industry. Research has shown that Green Tea can aid fat loss, improve cognitive performance and help detox the body. The question is however, how can Green Tea aid performance within a specific sport or activity. As a keen rugby player I am going to take a look at the benefits of consuming Green Tea to improve my performances on the pitch. Although Green Tea may not be the most obvious supplement for rugby players there are many potential benefits.

Green Tea Increases Metabolism

Green Tea to Improve Performance in RugbyGreen Tea has been shown to help reduce body fat percentage in people who consume it regularly. Although some positions in rugby will benefit from having a slightly higher body fat percentage, most will look to keep this as low as possible. Therefore consuming Green Tea will help rugby players better control their body fat percentage.

Reducing their body fat percentage by consuming Green Tea will help rugby players improve speed, stamina and agility as they will be carrying less weight. Consumption of Green Tea has also been shown to speed up metabolism. Green Tea therefore helps break down foods quicker and provide players with the vital nutrients they need from food during games and training.

Green Tea for Detox

As any keen rugby player will know, the consumption of a pint or two is pretty common after a game. Therefore the ability of Green Tea to help detox the body is vital. Rugby players consuming Green Tea will be able to better deal with the toxins accumulated from consuming a post-match pint.

Green Tea Aids Cognitive Performance

Whilst rugby is a game based on strength and endurance, there is also a great deal of concentration required. Green Tea’s ability to raise cognitive performance as a result of its high caffeine content makes it a powerful ally during game day.

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