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The Benefits Of Taking Casein Protein…

The Benefits Of Taking Casein Protein…

Casein protein has a number of benefits. Whether you’re a weight lifter, body builder or a long distance runner, casein can be a massive aid to your diet. Casein has a unique way of releasing protein slowly into the body. Here’s a few reasons why casein will benefit your training.

Benefits of Casein on Diet

Not all proteins are the same. For that reason they all have their own unique benefits. Casein’s unique ability is to clot in the stomach and feed protein to the body at a slower rate. This means casein is very effective for when we sleep. Sleep causes the body to go without food for an average of 6-8 hours. Taking casein before going to bed means the body gets a steady breakdown of protein. This steady feed delivers protein, amino acids and minerals for several hours so the body doesn’t go without.

Benefits of Casein for Muscular Hypertrophy

Casein is a great was to increase your daily protein intake. Whilst casein doesn’t have much of an effect on protein synthesis it is one of the best supplements in preventing protein breakdown. Getting this balance right is key when trying to build muscle. Preventing muscle breakdown using casein, whilst increasing protein synthesis will build muscle more efficiently.

Benefits of Casein for Muscle Repair

Whilst in the gym muscle fibres tear, this isn’t where muscle is built. It’s the repair of the muscle fibres which promotes the muscle to grow and become stronger. Repair is often the most neglected part of people’s training program, but is in fact the most important part. Casein has been shown to enhance muscular repair. Indeed, consuming casein protein as well as a balanced diet will enable muscles to repair quicker and more efficiently. It is in this phase of repair that muscle grow and develop greater strength.

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