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Taking Carnitine For Increased Muscle Mass

Carnitine has been shown to have a number of health benefits. Carnitine can help to reduce body fat, increase recovery times and aid muscle growth. For many body builders and athletes, Carnitine is a key supplement in their training arsenal.

Carnitine & Building Muscle

Carnitine works in a number of ways to help build lean muscle mass. Carnitine can have both a direct and indirect impact on muscle growth. Carnitine directly helps in muscle building by increasing the flow of blood into the muscles. This increased blood flow enhances the flow of nutrients to the working muscle with obvious performance benefits.

Carnitine has also been shown to boost t-levels. This occurs because Carnitine increases the amount of T receptors in the muscle cells allowing for stimulation of growth. This is particularly important post-workout as the increased t-levels result in faster muscle growth after the tissues have been damaged during training.

Indirect Effects of Carnitine on Muscle Growth

Carnitine can indirectly effect muscle growth by enhancing our ability to train. During training increased Carnitine levels helps fuel the muscles. Carnitine does this by speeding up the transportation of fatty acids into the muscles to be burnt for energy. This allows for longer training sessions as the muscles are properly fuelled throughout the workout.

Carnitine also helps during training by limiting the amount of muscle lactate build-up. Muscle lactate build-up inhibits muscular performance. This means Carnitine supplementation can help you recover quicker and perform at higher levels for a longer period of time.

Carnitine, Recovery & Muscle Growth

In addition, Carnitine also helps to speed up the recovery process post-exercise. By enhancing the recovery time, Carnitine allows us to train more often. Being able to train more often is obviously beneficial when looking to grow muscle mass.

Carnitine is able to accelerate muscle buffering after exercise. Carnitine sppeds up the body’s ability to expel the by-products of intense exercise that cause pain and muscle damage. This allows individuals taking a Carnitine supplement to train harder and longer.

Summary of Carnitine

Carnitine has been shown to effect muscle growth both directly and in-directly. Taking a Carnitine supplement can help increase testosterone levels in the body’s muscles thereby helping increase muscle mass. Carnitine also helps improve the body’s ability to recover both during and after training. This allows for longer, harder training sessions that can occur more often. This also has an impact on the body’s ability to build muscle mass.

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