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Spinach Protein Pancakes

Spinach Protein Pancakes

Spinach Protein Pancakes, yes, you read that right! 

These spinach protein pancakes are a really cool recipe; that’s why everyone ends up loving them! It’s really easy and quick to make and you only need four ingredients. They’re really cool pancakes from a nutrition perspective to, as of course they are made with spinach, protein and packed full of fibre! You can also then top them with things like chicken, hummus, cream cheese, veggies, etc! As such, they’re a great bread-substitute. So what’s not to love, right?

Here’s the recipe:


2 handfuls of fresh spinach (see photo below to see what a ‘handful’ looks like) – 100 grams
1/4 cup of rolled oats (gluten-free or regular) – 42 grams
1/4 cup liquid egg whites (which equates to approximately 3-4 fresh egg whites) – 62 ml
1/8 cup of Greek yoghurt or cottage cheese (the ones here were made with Total 2% Greek yoghurt) – 43grams


1. Blend everything together
2. Fry as little pancakes on a non-stick pan with some coconut oil.
3. As soon as you see bubbles appear on the pancakes’ surface, flip ’em.
4. Top with your topping of choice or simply enjoy them with a dip. They go really well with hummus and paprika!

Macros for ALL 10 little pancakes you get from the batter above:

18g protein
25g carbs (out of which 7g is fibre!)
4g fat

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