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Reese’s Inspired Peanut Butter Protein Eggs

Reese’s Inspired Peanut Butter Protein Eggs

The time has come for delicious Easter-themed protein recipes! This one has been inspired by Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Eggs, chocolate and peanut butter, a winning combo! As you can guess, our version is much higher in protein than the Reese’s original chocolate Easter eggs. It’s also far lower in sugar and nutritionally-superior.

Making these ‘half-eggs’ is easy and you don’t need any special moulds, all you need is a measuring spoon, ideally an 1/8 cup measuring spoon. If you don’t have that though, you can make tiny eggs using a simple soup spoon. It may sound strange but all you have to do is simply use the spoon as your ‘mould’ to create ‘half-eggs’. You then just coat them in chocolate! That’s all there is to it.

If your dietary preferences dictate that you can’t have whey protein though, don’t worry. You can make these eggs with vegan protein too! Just make sure you add more of your sweetener of choice and a tad bit more of the milk and syrup so you end up with a creamy filling for your eggs.

Without further ado, allow us to present to you… The Recipe:


1/4 cup of unflavoured or vanilla whey protein
2 tbsp peanut butter
1 tbsp coconut sugar
1 tbsp agave syrup
1 tbsp almond milk or water
1/8 cup of ground almonds
2 mini bars of sugar-free milk chocolate + a square of 90% dark chocolate


1. Mix all ingredients, except for the chocolate, in a bowl until you get a soft dough that you can shape with your hands. If you mix is too sticky, add a bit more of the ground almonds. If it’s too crumbly, add a tiny bit more water.

2. Divide your mix into four ‘balls’ and press these onto a chocolate mould or a measuring spoon.

3. Melt your chocolate in a bain marie (a glass bowl on top of a pot of boiling water).

4. Dip the bottom of each ‘half egg’ in the melted chocolate and place it on a tray lined with aluminium foil or baking paper. Then, spoon some more melted chocolate on top until you cover each ‘egg.’

5. Move all eggs to the fridge for a couple of hours to set and…


per egg (out of four pretty decent-shaped ones): 174kcals, 10g protein, 10g carbs (out of which 2.5g is fibre) and 11g fat

PS: Consider shaping the mix into rectangles before coating in chocolate to make delicious peanut butter protein bars too!


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