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From the Archives: Dark Chocolate Protein Truffles (TM)

From the Archives: Dark Chocolate Protein Truffles (TM)

DARK CHOCOLATE PROTEIN TRUFFLESWhen I was in grade school, I was convinced that I made the most delicious chocolate truffles in the world. Never mind that I got the recipe from my grandma’s old cookbook. To me, I bossed that recipe to the extent that it was mine. I didn’t walk around telling everyone that I invented the recipe of course; I was open to where it came from. But no one seemed to care. I was just known as the creator of the best chocolate truffles on earth and I wore that title like a badge of honor. For over a year in fact, my friends would ask me to make them ‘Las Trufas’ and I obliged, enjoying every second of the process and licking my fingers at the end of every batch…

Let me tell you how the whole thing began:

It was fifth grade and I was living in Santiago, Chile. I don’t remember exactly why we were going over food and cooking in school but we were (it might have been in the context of a discussion of ‘World Cuisines’ or maybe just one on ‘Food & Cooking’ in general). The teacher gave us a task: create a dish, bring it tomorrow, and share it with the class.

That night, I went home, walked into the kitchen, and grabbed my grandma’s old Greek cookbook. I went through it page by page, mentally discarding recipe after recipe – ‘too difficult’, ‘we don’t have the ingredients,’ ‘that’d take ages!’, ‘sounds gross’, ‘too complicated’, ‘not enough time’, ‘maybe but not sure’, and then BAAAAM – I saw it: a recipe for Chocolate Truffles. And it was easy, oh so easy! I was delighted. So I rounded up all the ingredients and got to work. Now, I haven’t made that recipe in AGES but I remember that it involved the following ingredients:

Melted Dark Chocolate
Granulated Sugar

It honestly may have been JUST that because I remember the whole thing striking me as ridiculously simple the second I saw it. It’s why I chose it after all, well, that and the fact that it included chocolate, hehe.

I made 25 truffles that night, packed them in a tupperware, and took them to class with me the next morning. When my turn came, I went to the front of the room, told everyone about my truffles, opened up my tupperware, and revealed what I was convinced were the most incredible Chocolate Truffles ever made in the history of mankind. And the whole class LOVED them! They loved them so much so that my tupperware was one of the only ones that came home empty that day.

Anyways, fast forward twenty years and here you find me, far from Chile and far from my Greek grandma and her epic cookbook. I haven’t made those truffles in decades, not since I became aware that, nutritionally speaking, they weren’t exactly the definition of healthy. But you know what? I’ve missed them. I’ve missed them because nothing could deliver that same exact experience. I’ve made dozens if not hundreds of chocolate truffles in the past few years (you can find most of my protein ones here), but truffles like the ones I made back then, in the 1990s? Never.

Well… not until now! Because, guess what? These Protein Truffles (TM) right here are THEM. They’re the closest I’ve ever gotten to my grade school chocolate truffles. They deliver the same nommage, the same texture, the same consistency, and if I were a food crier, I swear I would have burst into tears the second I tasted them. ‘Tasty’ doesn’t cut it. ‘Delicious’ doesn’t even get close. It’s words like ‘luxurious’, ‘legendary’ and ‘epic’ that best approximate what these truffles are like. Even then though, those words do nothing to convey the pleasure that these truffles deliver. Only one thing can, and that’s you making them. Here’s the recipe:



Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 13.46.42 Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 13.47.13 Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 13.47.50


1 jar of Powtella
2 tbsp of cocoa powder


First, make a serving of Powtella (you can use peanut or almond butter instead of the hazelnut too if you want). The ingredients and directions for the Powtella are here.

After you make the Powtella, put it in a medium to large-seized tupperware and leave it overnight.

The next morning, your Powtella will have hardened. Grab a spoon and ‘scrape off’ the Powtella, rolling it into truffles with your hands.

Once you’re done making eight truffles, roll them onto some cocoa powder. This is optional but it adds a great coating to them which makes them more fun to bite into, I think so at least.

Leave them to sit in the fridge for a couple of hours and BOOOOOM! Done! A rich chocolate protein truffle (TM)!

Macros per truffle (minus the cocoa as that’s optional but either way rather insignificant, macro-wise) are the same as they are for the Powtella, i.e. 123kcals, 6g carbs, 6g protein, 8g fat.



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