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Red Velvet Protein Cake

(Eléphant blanc dans la salle: le gâteau n’est pas rouge!) If you read any of my posts you probably know that my approach to baking can be broken down into three steps:

1. throw it all in a bowl
2. mix it
3. bake it

I’ve NEVER baked a lot of cakes you see, mostly because of the sugar, butter, flour, and general unhealthiness of the resulting slice.

Really, though, I think it’s because I’ve been too lazy to follow complicated recipes that call for flour-sifting and precise-measuring and using multiple bowls, utensils, and following exact cooking times ‘… or else’. I’m aware however, that, to many, this cake will seem like an aberration, an absurdity of sorts – “what, no flour!?” “no sugar???” “PROTEIN powder, are you mad!?” – but beh to them, we say, because they certainly haven’t tried this 😉

Bearing in mind that this was a TOTAL experiment and probably leaves ample room for tweaks and so on.


8g butter
134g liquid egg whites
27g quark
121g red kidney beans
48g vanilla whey
11g cocoa
25g beetroot*
34g hulled hemp seeds
38g banana
18g coconut flour
50mL coconut milk


1. Mix ingredients in a bowl.

2. Bake for approximately 25-35 minutes at around 150-170C

I then let it sit for a while and when it cooled, I cut it in half, packed my gym bag and proceeded to go to the gym, grrrrawwwl on the weight floor, and when I got back, entered the kitchen ready to finish (off) the cake.

Frosting Ingredients:

120mL coconut milk
12g coconut flour
9g quinoa flakes
46g quark
45g vanilla whey
3g xanthan gum*

That is IT.

Honestly, easiest thing ever and it looked so pretty!!! The only thing is that I THINK I used too much cocoa or maybe not enough beet so it wasn’t as red as I wanted (I didn’t want to overbeet it through because in truth I actually loathe beetroot). Oh la la la though, absolutely delicious!!! Moist and yummy and oyyyyy!!! 🙂

Macros per Serving (out of 2):

33g carbos (15g fiber)
58g protein
21g fat (8g of which is sat)


*I was going to use food coloring but then I thought, come on! who buys red food coloring when mother nature has provided us with beetroot!
**The xanthan gum gave it this thick sticky consistency and thickened up the mixture so it would be spreadable and would ‘stay put’ if you see what I mean (vs say, throwing a bunch of whey pudding on top and inside the cake.)

One thing I didn’t do which I maybe should have done was to use cream cheese in the frosting instead of making it purely whey-based, it would have turned out thicker with cream cheese +/- mascarpone (and would have looked more ‘authentic’ as well) but ey, for take I, this was (still is) fantastically delicious :-)))))

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  1. LOVE this!! sounds sooo good. And (in whispering voice) is there any way to change the format to bullet points or break up the paragraphs? make it easier on the eyes? :))