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Five Ingredient Protein Pow Raw Protein Brownies


These bars are very simple, just a combination of delicious ingredients with goji berries, dates, cashew butter, milk and cocoa. That is it! And they taste like heaven in a mouthful. If your tastebuds are anything like mine, you have GOT to try these.



(Remember to consult our measurement conversion page if you’d like to change this recipe to cups and tablespoons!)

32g goji berries
40g cocoa powder
4 medjool dates (i.e. 40g)
12g ground gluten-free oats (or oat flour)
9-12g whey protein powder
9g-12g coconut flour
30ml almond milk


1. Stick all ingredients in a food processor or blend them up (very carefully) using a handled blender. Adapt the amount of coconut flour you use depending on the consistency of your dough so that, for example, if it’s too wet you add more flour. If your dough is too dry, add a bit more of the milk!

2. Press the dough into a silicone brownie pan and slice into squares.

3. Eat them right away or, better yet, stick them in the fridge (in a tupperware) for a few hours (or overnight) before eating so they set a bit more.

4. Enjoy!

Macros per square (out of the 8 small ones you get from the mix above): 92kcals, 9.6g carbs (out of which 1.5g is fiber!), 4.1g protein and 4.4g fat.

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