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Protein Rödbetor Brownies – Take I

Important consideration when blending beets with a handheld blender: use a deep bowl. Otherwise, in a matter of seconds, your kitchen will look like the scene of a crime….I made these brownies using 230g of cooked beets which is, for someone that HATES beets, a LOT.

See, I was (and still am) convinced beets work great with dark chocolate. OK, truth is, I really want to love beets. I mean….well….just look at them! They scream goodness. Anyways, these babies up here turned out OK. Nothing great though. I think my proportions were off so I won’t go into woo and waaa-ing this “recipe”.


230g beets
30g quinoa
54g beans
100g egg whites
30g brown rice protein
39g whey
20g cocoa

Macros per Serving: N/A


It needs work. If anyone can drop some suggestions as per how to improve it, that’d be fancy. Otherwise, I’ll just keep playing around with the recipe – making sure to remember to use a deep bowl next time 😉

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5 Replies to “Protein Rödbetor Brownies – Take I”

  1. did you blend the rice first? was it raw or cooked?
    to make it better maybe a bit more cocoa? and a TBLS of applesauce and maybe a bit of extra flour? D.

  2. Yes yes! applesauce! love the idea :-)))) will try that! I used brown rice protein powder which can often come out a bit ‘dense’ so yeah maybe the applesauce will ‘soften’ it all up! I’m def tryin that THANK YOU!

  3. i’m glad you liked the idea, i add applesauce to all baking goods- it just makes them so much more yum! D.