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Strawberry Fluffed Protein Berry Almost Roulade

Strawberry Fluffed Protein Berry Almost Roulade

I meant to make a strawberry-fluff-berry-roulade but I think the roulade ended up with too many ingredients which resulted in this ?


2 eggs
12g dried egg whites
57g blueberries
50g quark (should have left this out)
66ml whole milk
10g gojis
16g coconut flour


1. Baked it and the result was this great fluffy omelet-type-berry-cake which tasted delicious solo and could have ended up being just topped with a banana.

2. But no, I made some strawberry fluff (65g frozen straws + 20g whey). I first placed the fluff on top, then tried to sandwich it and ended up pseudo-rolling it. Odd looking BUT delicious!

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

W/O Fluff
23g carbos (8.1g fiber)
30.7g protein
16g fat

The fluff solo
5.2carbos (1.4g fiber)
18.4g protein

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