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Protein Bagel Buns Recipe – The Story of 18 Mini Burgers

I made a video to illustrate how ridiculously easy silicone bakeware makes baking, particularly when what you’re baking is low in fat and high in protein. Just LOOK at how easily these bagels unstick! This recipe was inspired by Herculean post-workout ravenousness, Mr. Dorrington’s comment here, and the fact that, when I opened my fridge, I remembered that yesterday’s dinner left over a couple of beef burgers. Please guys, MAKE THIS. If you don’t have a donut/bagel tray, it really doesn’t matter; just make some pancakes with the batter and treat them as buns or top them with whatever you like. I personally had an absolute blast eating 18 burgers in one go (it’s not often that one can say that one’s lunch consisted of more than a dozen burgers). They’re kind of hors d’oeuvre-ish. In fact, if you’re having people over and want to treat them to your protein madness, making a bunch of these guys would be great because they’re bound to impress and THEN SOME. They’re delicious. OK. Recipe:


1/4 cup liquid egg whites
2 tablespoons pea protein powder
4 tablespoons rolled oats (I used gluten free but regular will do the job too)
1/5 red pepper
1 tablespoon chestnut flour (could sub this with oat flour or amaranth flour)
1 teaspoon sea salt


Bake in a mini donut tray for really just 10 minutes at 180 C (356 F).

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

28.8g protein
26g carbos (7g sugars)
6g fat (0.8g saturated)
4g fiber!!!


Boom. They were exquisite! Surreal. Delightful. I don’t know if it was the post-workout adrenaline that contributed to it but I almost screamed in rapture as I ate these burgers. SO GOOD! The red-pepper was subtle but made its presence felt and, combined with the chestnut and oatiness of the bagel buns, it was surreal. 

I sliced each bagel-bun horizontally and filled it with roughly sliced pieces of beef burger (I make my beef burgers by mixing organic extra lean beef + onions + egg + greek yogurt + oats + herbs + spices). I then added some mayo and reduced-sugar ketchup for the burger uhmph and oh…. Amazingess!


Seriously. Try it. This has GOT to be one of my gnarliest protein recipes.

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