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Overnight Breakfast Oats Recipe

Anyone else wake up excited for breakfast? and knowing the fact that your breakfast, is already made?! Give these overnight oats a try. Mix together:


Carbohydrates: 45g Per Serving   Protein: 38g Per Serving      Fats: 9g Per Serving      Calories:148 Per Serving

• 50g oats
• 1 scoop of caramel macchiato diet meal replacement mixed with 250ml of almond milk
• 2 tbsp of greek yogurt
• 1 tbsp TPW chia seeds
Chop up 4 strawberries and line bottom of container. Top with above mixture and put in fridge overnight.
In the morning, top with strawberries and if you really want a treat, a caramel macchiato Protein Truffle.

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