Whilst many people who compete in martial arts competitions won’t ever have considered sports supplements, they can be of great value for improved performance and body composition. The consumption of certain sports supplements before and after training or competitions can be essential to performing to the best of your ability. Martial arts competitors could therefore consider some of the below supplements as an ideal aid to training and competing.

Whey Protein

A good quality whey protein blend should be a staple for anyone competing in martial arts. Whey protein shakes are ideal for consuming before or after training or competitions in order to help get your protein intake up. Those people taking whey protein shakes have been shown to increase lean muscle mass alongside training.

The type of whey protein shake you take will depend on your exact goals. A standard whey protein shake is a cheap option for upping your daily protein intake whilst keeping your calories down. Alternatively diet whey and whey isolate shakes are ideal for keeping you lean whilst a mass gainer shake can help aid muscle growth.


A product such as Pure Fine Oats is an ideal way of ensuring that your body is adequately fuelled for intense physical exercise. Pure fine oats provide a clean source of carbohydrates which can help improve your performance during physical activities such as martial arts whilst also aiding the growth and repair of lean muscle mass.


Creatine products such as Creatine Monohydrate or Creatine 1000 (if you’d prefer to take your supplements in tablet form) are ideal for helping you perform at your optimal level during competitions and training. Creatine has been widely researched and proven to aid performance during short intense physical exertions such as in martial arts.

Creatine is also one of the cheapest and most easily available supplements on the market today. A powdered creatine product  can be added to any protein shake in order for you to gain maximum benefit from it. Where possible a creatine monohydrate product is always preferable as it is easily absorbed.



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